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For the summer holidays, nothing captures the excitement of partying quite like our Beach Party. We've loads of beach themed party games and music for the kids.

Holiday Rockstars is the entertaining, interactive music experience for school aged children attending organised vacation care centres. It is a professionally produced performance that gives children the opportunity to take part in musical instrument playing, performances, competitions, craft and games. It is provided by The Music Bus - a leader in music education and entertainment for children.

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What is involved?

The Music Bus visits your centre on a nominated date to provide the 3 hour extravaganza for the children attending vacation care at your centre. We bring our amazing, hi-tech music bus (the children will love this) to your centre and use this as well as part of your centres space to conduct the activities.

What activities do the children take part in?

The Music Bus HOLIDAY ROCKSTARS Show is highly interactive and the children take part in:

  • Playing Instruments
  • Singing
  • Games
  • Competitions
  • Talent Quest
  • Dancing
  • Other art/craft activities

What is provided?

The Music Bus HOLIDAY ROCKSTARS Show is highly interactive and the children take part in:

  • 3 hours of entertainment
  • 2 Professional performers
  • Professionally recorded music
  • A variety of instruments
  • All audio equipment
  • Prizes for the competitions

What Musical Elements are addressed in the show?

The children are involved in a variety of fun, high energy activities that introduce important musical concepts such as:

  • Beat
  • Rhythm
  • Dynamics (loud/soft)
  • Pitch (high/low)
  • Performance

Do the children get to play instruments?

There are opportunities during the tour of the Music Bus for the children to try out instruments.

How much does the show cost?

$12 per child. Minimum cost $300.

Session Times

The Music Bus provides 2 sessions - Morning, afternoon. Times can be tailored to your centre's needs.

How do I book this for my centre?

Phone: 1300 1 MUSIC (1300 168 742), or Email: