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Board The Bus for the program that is revolutionising school music tuition.

Children take part in:

  • Keyboard


  • Guitar


  • Drums


  • Singing


AND INTRODUCING THE AMAZING Bus Rock Program - the rock band program that is revolutionizing primary school music.

Bus Rock

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The Music BUS on:

  • 1300 168 742
  • Email:
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Our lessons are held in our hi-tech, air-conditioned music lab that visits your school. The Music Bus comes to you and is positioned on site in a pre-arranged position.


We provide the classroom, the teacher, the curriculum and all the instruments in one complete package at no cost to the school!


Our teachers adhere to our 3 E policy - to Encourage, Entertain and Educate all students so that their first musical experience is positive, exciting and enjoyable.

Where are classes held?

On board the Music Bus at:

  • Primary Schools
  • OOSH centres (weekly program available after school as well as School Holidays Vacation care program)

When are classes held?

Our classes are held once a week for thirty minutes either before or after school or during the school day (depending on school preferences and availability in our timetable)

Which students can be involved?

  • Kindergarten – Keyboard and Singing
  • Year 1 – Keyboard, Singing, Drums
  • Year 2 - 6 – Keyboard, Singing, Drums, Guitar and Rock Band

How can The Music Bus fit in to our current programs?

The Music Bus is purposely structured to compliment any existing music programs you may already have. Our focus on teaching children the fundamentals of reading music in a practical manner that is fun, means that we are constantly feeding capable musicians who LOVE music into your school band – thereby increasing participation rates and the quality of your band. Your band master will love that!

Benefits for your school/centre

Your school can offer a high quality music program:

  • without using any of your classroom space
  • with no administration required
  • with no time commitment from your staff
  • with no cost to the school
  • without having to provide any music equipment
  • that introduces the basics of music reading and love of music so that children are motivated to join the school band and choir
  • and the parents and children will love it!

Benefits for your students

Music has been shown to have many benefits for children in particular in the areas of co-ordination, memory, concentration, dexterity self confidence, motivation and discipline towards study, team work and social interaction.

The Music Bus provides so much more than basic music skills – our program promotes confidence, team work, self esteem and most of all that MUSIC IS FUN!

How do I get the Music Bus to our school?


  • Free demonstration hour for parents and staff at your school – we bring the bus to your school where you can meet our teacher, view our music lab and teaching resources, watch a DVD of a class in action and have all questions answered.
  • Free showday for all the students at the school.
  • Expression of interest forms provided to you to distribute to all families.
  • Then we work with you to formulate an appropriate schedule that suits your school.