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Kindy ROCK! is the high-energy, interactive music show for pre-school aged children. It is a professionally produced performance given at pre-schools and kindergartens across NSW. It is provided by The Music Bus - a leader in music education for children.

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Who is it designed for?

The Kindy ROCK! show is designed for energetic, active, imaginative, curious children aged 2-5. The show is reflective of the key Music Bus Principals - the 3 E's – to Entertain, Educate and Encourage.

What is involved?

Our performer visits your centre on a nominated date to provide the 60 minute show for children aged 2-5 in groups of up to 20 at a time. Lessons are conducted in your centre.

  • *Note: For the Kindy Rock show we provide a performer only - a Bus does not attend the show.
  • What activities do the children take part in?

    The Music Bus Kindy ROCK! Show is highly interactive and the children take part in:

    • Singing
    • Chanting
    • Clapping
    • Body Movement
    • Dancing
    • Playing Instruments
    • Instrument simulation
    • Games

    What is provided?

    • 60 minute memorable show
    • Professional performer
    • Professionally recorded music
    • A variety of instruments and props
    • All audio equipment
    • Centre will receive a CD to keep of the 3 main tracks used in the show so that you can continue using these songs as part of your weekly music curriculum.
    • Note: For the Kindy Rock show we provide a performer only - a Bus does not attend the show.

    What musical elements are addressed in the show?

    The children are involved in a variety of fun, high energy activities that introduce important musical concepts such as:

    • Beat
    • Rhythm
    • Dynamics (loud/soft)
    • Pitch (high/low)

    Aside from singing and dancing, what else will the children do?

    We aim to tap into the imagination of the children, so the children will be involved in composing a musical story and will perform this story using instruments.

    Do the children get to play instruments?

    There are opportunities throughout the show for the children to play instruments and engage their imaginations about being a Rock star!

    Are the children divided according to age groups?

    Depending on the size of the centre, the children can be divided into age 2-3 and 4-5, or all grouped together.

    How much does the show cost?

    The Music Bus will visit your centre for:

    • 1 hour - $250 (plus GST)
    • 2 hours - $350 (plus GST)

    Payable by Credit Card or Direct Funds Transfer. $50 deposit upon booking. Balance payable on day of show.

    Session Times

    The Music Bus provides 2 sessions - Morning, afternoon times can be tailored to your centre's needs.

    How to book?

    Phone: 1300 1 MUSIC (1300 168 742), or Email: