Band Slam

Annual Band Competition for Music Bus Rock Bands!

Band Slam

Band Slam is a national competition event for all talented Music Bus rock bands and soloists; each competing to be crowned the ultimate performer in a range of categories. Band Slam lets students have fun showing off their talents by performing in front of a real live audience; something each band has been excitedly preparing for each week in their Rock Band lesson.

How Band Slam Works

Each band first competes in their local Band Slam heat, while soloists submit their own recording for judging. Winners from each heat or solo recording are chosen based on the best performance in their category; with those lucky students asked to perform at Band Slam Finals – in Sydney! Those who make it to Band Slam Finals are in for the chance to be crowned the national winner of Band Slam 2017 and a day in the studio! A very exciting and prestigious title for any Music Bus student and musician. Each child's Music Bus teacher will advise which category they are entering and prepare them for their live performance. 


  1. Assisted Cover Band (Heats only, not eligible for finals) - Covering a song played with backing track and/or teacher assistance.
  2. Open Cover Band - Covering a song without any backing track and/or teacher assistance.
  3. Originals Band - Performing an original song 
  4. King of The Strings - Guitar or Ukulele soloist performance
  5. The Voice of the Bus  - Singing soloist performance
  6. Drum Warrior - Drum soloist performance
  7. Clash of the Keys - Keyboard soloist performance

Bands to perform a song of up to 2.5 minutes and soloists 60 seconds. Each students Music Bus teacher will advise which category each student is entering and prepare them for their live performance. 

Please note that assisted cover bands are not eligible for Finals. While it may seem unfair at first, this is most definitely in the interest of students. They are either still just getting used to performing and working on their skills, or their band is missing band members, which is why teachers are stepping in to help. Over time, they will be encouraged and taught how to move into the open category where sky's the limit! We ask you to please be supportive of this process and see it as a great opportunity for the children to perform without the additional pressure of Finals. We hope to see them all in open categories next year!


It is preferred to use Music Bus instruments provided on the day. However, if your child wishes to use their own instrument (besides drums) then by all means, bring it along but please let a staff member know when they arrive. 

Dress like a star and make fan posters

Be sure to get your kids to dress like rock stars for the day. Don't be afraid to go over the top! Crazy hair, matching outfits, silly makeup etc. Fan posters in the audience are always great to see too. All of this really helps the performers come out of their shell and is great fun for everyone. Audience support posters are always great too see too. There will be prizes for the best dressed.

Major prize up for grabs 

An amazing prize for the overall winner of Band Slam includes a day in a professional recording studio to record their song. This is a wonderful and rare opportunity for students and shouldn't be missed! Be sure to register your child's attendance once registrations are open. Dates to be announced.